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About Broken Earth Organics

Broken Earth Organics, Inc. was founded at the beginning of this year, 2022, but we have been developing our craft now for several years and growing our herbs and garden here in the Appalachian Mountains. Your health and wellbeing is our priority. as we continue to serve our local customers while getting the recognition and qualifications to expand over the next few years.


As the medical situation in our country has become over burdened and at times unavailable, many people have realized that they need to manage their own self care and illness prevention. We are here to help as we have been doing this for our own family, friends and community for over two decades. After all, we are all inspired by the same goal: to live the healthy life we deserve.

Here at our mountain home in Southwest Virginia, we grow many of the herbs and plants that we use in our formulations.. We also purchase dried organic medicinal plants from reputable sources within the United States when necessary. The goal is to produce as fresh a product as possible and to keep it moving off the shelves at a steady pace in order to keep things fresh. We make our tonics and extracts by the half gallon and gallon only. No large batches. This ensures accuracy and freshness. 

Our products are alcohol free from start to finish and are also vegan, except for the use of beeswax in salves and butters. Instead of using alcohol, like the vast majority of the market, we use organic apple cider vinegar and vegetable glycerin to formulate our herbal extracts. We have developed our own unique herbal tonics which give you the probiotic benefits as well as the herbal components your body needs for wellness and prevention of illness. 

At Broken Earth Organics it is all about the plants and how the medicinal qualities of each plant can best be delivered to you, our customers, to aid your bodies in maintaining good health. 

We currently operate under the Cottage Laws of Virginia and produce all of our products in an uninspected kitchen. However, our product kitchen is a separate and designated kitchen and not our personal food prep kitchen. 

I, Suzanne, am a retired Registered Nurse and understand the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices and food safety.

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