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Exclusive Attars

Tender Loving Batches

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From our home to yours we share our philosophy of taking from the good things of the Earth.

Essential Oils

We use essential oils and absolutes to create natural perfumes called attars and we blend essential oils to create great organic aromatic therapeutic oils for massage, baths and skin.


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Massage Oils
Massage Oils

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More and more people today are taking the time to really study natural health, herbal medicine and other avenues for better self care. We started out in the late '90's learning about the use of natural attars in our meditation practice and have progressed over the years to a much broader understanding and use of essential oils and herbs to improve our sense of well being and to enhance the peaceful and healthy environment in our home.  

Over the last fifteen years we have studied and learned a great deal about the use of herbs and plants in our daily lives to improve overall health and wellness and in the prevention of illness. We are not health care practitioners and we won't diagnose your problems, neither will we advise you on what to use in your daily self care, but we have a broad offering for you to choose from after consulting your own natural health care giver.

All of our products are alcohol free and vegan, with the exception of body salves which may contain beeswax. If you prefer a salve formulated with vegan wax just send us a request and we will do our best to meet your requirement. Custom products do require a larger quantity commitment.


Our Attar perfumes, skin care and household products are available in our store and here online.

Currently we can only sell our herbal tonics and tinctures directly to you under the Virginia Cottage Food Laws. So if you need a specific tincture, glycerite or vinegar tonic please give us a call. You can see them and read about these products here and on our other website, but you cannot purchase these over the internet at this time so you will see that they are listed as "out of stock." Most, however, are available through our local farmers market or directly from the Broken Earth Farm. 


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Crystal Salt

Vinegars For Life

Organic apple cider vinegar with the mother has been used to extract the goodness from choice herbs and plants to create these systems balancing tonics. 


Alcohol Free Herbal Extracts


The alcohol version of these are known as 'tinctures'. We use organic apple cider vinegar or glycerin to achieve the same effects.


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